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Terms and Conditions

We regret that we are unable to accept bookings from :-
a) Groups or persons of same sex (except under certain circumstances- telephone for details).
b) Groups or persons under 25 years of age.

We have the right to cancel your holiday if on arrival day guests turn up and are under the age of 25 years.  Deposit payment is non refundable under these circumstances. Prices quoted does not include passes or bed linen.

A Booking is not confirmed until a deposit is paid and confirmation is sent.

To ensure that the caravan you want will be available, please make your booking as soon As possible.

Deposit Payment can be made by Credit/Debit Card, Bank.  Full payment to be made direct to Bank by online banking.

Personal information gathered during the process of booking and payment will only be used by ourselves and our Credit Card processing company to fulfil the terms of the order as detailed in these terms and conditions. All information will be Stored securely and will never be shared with a third party. We do not store Bank Details.

Provisional Bookings by telephone, email are accepted but must be confirmed within five days. When filling in Booking Request Form, please ensure to fill in all fields giving your Name and Address, Telephone Number (if you have a mobile, this number also) in case we need to contact you regarding your booking. How many Adults/Children/Pets etc Only persons named on your holiday booking form are permitted to occupy the caravan, if adding extra guests, we will require a new booking form to be completed before the holiday commences (we do not accept this by telephone call or email) otherwise we have the right to terminate your holiday if extra guests occupy the caravan and their names are not on holiday booking form. It is holiday guest’s responsibility to complete the form prior to holiday. We also require knowing if you have any special requests also.

When you make a booking and pay for the holiday, payment is passed directly to the holiday home owner. Craigtaracaravans does not take any further part in any disputes. It becomes a private matter between you and the holiday home owner.  We cannot guarantee any aspect of a booking.

You are advised to take your own Holiday Insurance to cover cancellation etc., accidents/illness while on holiday.

A Booking is confirmed upon receipt of your provisional booking Form with your deposit included.  A  Deposit Confirmation will then be sent to you. Once  Full payment is received , a Confirmation Letter will be issued with full details prior to your holiday. Caravan photos are for illustration purposes only.  Please keep confirmation letter safe as it will need to be produced on your arrival day. If Deposit Payment of £100.00 is not received within 5 days of booking we have the right to cancel booking and caravan will be re-let. Full payment must be made 4 weeks prior to holiday, if full payment is not received we have the right to cancel booking and re-let caravan.  We do not accept payment on arrival day under these circumstances.  Payment must be received by due date.  We do not include Fun works Passes with prices, prices are for stay only breaks.  Fun works passes allows access to swimming pool and entertainment.  There is an extra charge for archery etc, please telephone haven direct for details and prices.
Arrival Time is as stated on your booking form check below for list of times for different areas of park, departure time is 9am. If arrival time is not suitable telephone  078 354 70796/077 897 87555 to arrange another time please give 48 hour notice.

Deposit payment of £100.00 to secure caravan. This deposit payment is held until your departure day.  On your departure day, your deposit is returned within 48 hours to you providing caravan is left in satisfactory condition (clean and tidy) with no damage.  If checking out of caravan out with Monday or Friday, deposit payment will be repaid the first Monday or Friday within 48 hours. Any damages, breakages, loss of keys or excess cleaning, a charge will be deducted from this deposit. As we accept bookings for owner’s caravans, their terms and conditions will apply to booking also.  This must be taken up with owner direct.  We accept no responsibility.   If damage exceeds deposit amount, the owner will claim the principle person who hire caravan for the full amount of damage which has occurred. IMPORTANT:  Any disputes regarding deposit payment must be taken up with owner direct and not ourselves.  IMPORTANT:  As we cater for asthmatics we have a STRICTLY NO SMOKING Policy in all caravans, If any of the guests have been smoking, Deposit payment of £100.00 will be non-refundable.  Please do not smoke (or use e-cigarette) inside caravan or at any doors or windows. Deposit payment is refunded to card or to bank (within 48 hours) It may take several days to show in your account if refunded to card. No cash will be returned. If this is not suitable for you, please contact us prior to your holiday with your bank details. In the case of no show or late cancellation, deposit payment is non refundable.

Deposit payment is non returnable if holiday is cancelled.

We do not provide Mattress Protectors.  If you have young children or bed wetter’s, you will have to bring your own waterproof protector.

If payment for booked dates is not paid 4 weeks prior to holiday, we have the right to re-let the caravan, deposit payment is non refundable. Guests arriving on non check in days Monday and Friday, full payment must be received online/ Bank prior to keys being released.  We will not accept cash on Park on non check in days. Deposit payment will not be refunded if guest turns up with cash on these non checks in days (it will be treated as first night stay which is charged at £100.00)


Late bookings – Full payment plus deposit must be paid 48 hours prior to arrival date.

We have the right to refuse entry to principle and his/her party if extra guests turn up on arrival day without any refund to you.  If we allow, the charge will be £40.00 per guest whether this is Adult or Child.  This rule is at our discretion and our decision is final.  If extra guests are to be included, it is advisable to make another booking request for the caravan prior to your holiday.

On arrival day, if any payment is due (bed linen, dog, etc) this must be paid in full by CASH only.  Unfortunately due to past experience we must insist that you vacate the caravan until full payment is received.  There are 3 ATM Machines on site.

We only hire on a Friday or Monday weekly (holiday guests can arrive on a Saturday (this must be arranged prior to your booking) but must vacate on the Friday) We hire for a maximum of 14 nights, after this time, guests will have to vacate and go to another caravan.

We will respond to all enquiries within 2 business working days.  .
For a quicker response Please telephone 07835470796 /07789787555 to talk to our Customer Service Team.

We have the right to cancel a booking at any time and refund any payment already made.

It is recommended that you purchase some form of Holiday Insurance from your local broker to cover your personal luggage, personal money, holiday cancellation, personal and Public liability etc..  This type of cover is fairly standard and not too costly.

If you have to cancel your holiday, you must notify us in writing and send Recorded Delivery. The date of Cancellation is the day when we receive written notification. In the event of cancellation, a sliding scale of charges applies as laid out below – this applies when  payment is made.

Cancel 56-42 days before holiday start date:  50%
Cancel 41-21 days before holiday start date:  75%
Cancel 20- day of arrival or later:  100%

In the event of cancellation or any other circumstances, the deposit of £100.00 is non refundable.

There is a handling charge of £3.60 (may vary depending on which country) when you pay your deposit online and this charge will be added to your booking.

Change of booking details – £30.00 administration charge.  Dates will not be changed 4 weeks prior to holiday.  This will be treated as cancellation.

Check out is 9am.  As the cleaning company have a rota in system, please ensure you are ready to vacate the caravan no later than 9am (£20.00 charge if not vacated by this time).  We have check out times up to 11am which can be added to your booking prior to your arrival.  If the 11am slots are filled, lesser time will be applied to booking.

Pets are allowed in selected caravans.  (see caravan details page)

If you intend to bring a Dog, this must be notified when booking.  This will be shown on Confirmation Letter.  If not on Confirmation letter and a Dog is found in caravan we have the right to terminate your stay immediately with no refund to you, this applies to visitors dogs also. Deposit payment will be non-refundable under these circumstances, in addition you will be sent a bill for a full spring clean of the caravan and any additional cleaning required. It is your responsibility to check that the dog is on the booking form and the caravan chosen accepts pets which will be shown on booking page. There will no  entry into caravan if it is a No Pets Caravan and under these circumstances your deposit payment will be non refundable.

Only 2 dogs are allowed per caravan.  When on Park, dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, and if they foul: their owners must clean up after them.  Dogs must be supervised at all times by an adult and not left alone in the caravan.  The hirer or owner of the dog staying in the caravan must pay in full for any damage the dog may cause to the caravan or its contents.  Large or threatening dogs and puppies (less than six months old) will not be accepted.  Dogs are allowed on the beach under supervision.

We welcome well-trained dogs but reserve the right to refuse certain breeds.  We charge £20.00 per dog(maximum of 2 dogs per caravan).  Please ensure your dog wears a collar and identity tag and is on a lead under the control of a responsible adult at all times. We reserve the right to require the owner of any dog or pet considered a nuisance, or to be affecting the comfort of guests, to remove it from the Park – no compensation will be given for early termination of holiday.  We do not allow any breeds of dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.  At time of press, these were any dog of a type known as the Pit Bull Terrier,Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasilero, plus any other type appearing to be bred for fighting.
Pets welcome caravans are for guests who wish to bring their Pets(s).  If you are not bringing a Pet it is our policy not to give out Pets caravan.  These are strictly for guests with Pets only.

Any complaints regarding maintenance issues etc must be dealt with the owner direct.
We have the right to terminate your holiday if extra guests are found to be occupying the caravan whose names are not on the booking form with any refund to you.  In circumstances where the extra guests have occupied the caravan, we have the right to deduct £30.00 per guest (adult or child).

When choosing your caravan, please be aware we have Pets welcome caravans and we will not be held responsible if anyone going into Pets welcome caravan has any allergies to Pets etc if this is the caravan you have chosen.

We do not include Bed Linen with any booking.  Duvets and pillows are provided.  Bed linen (duvets covers, sheets and pillow cases) can be ordered when filling in the booking request form.  If you decide to bring your own Bed Linen, this must be shown to representative on your arrival day at the caravan.  If Bed Linen is not shown, we cannot allow  you to stay in caravan (no sleeping bags).  Bed linen can be hired on arrival day at a cost of £10.00 Double and £8.00 per Single Bed.  We do not accept cards on the Park. This payment will not be deducted from deposit.  Unfortunately this rule has been made as guests have not ordered bed linen and not brought their own and mattresses are becoming bobbled and duvets, pillows are requiring to washed after hire.
If a mattress is soiled, deposit payment will be non refundable.  If bed linen or protectors are marked, payment to renew will be deducted from deposit.
Sofa bed use: If Sofa Bed is to be used, please tick the box on the booking form, otherwise sofa bed cannot be used.  We require to know prior to your holiday.
We do not accept texts messages or voice mail messages on arrival day.
Arrival time after 6pm up to 7pm – extra charge of £20.00.  This must be arranged prior to holiday.
2 Bedroom caravans sleep 4 people – 3 Bedroom caravans sleep 6 people.  There is an extra charge of £20.00 per guest per break if additional guests are added prior to booking. If guests are added on arrival day or after, it is an extra £40.00 per guest. Maximum of 2 guests per caravan only. Sofa bed use is £20.00

All bookings are accepted on the basis that the hirer and their party accept the terms and conditions/ park rules and current booking conditions whether they have read them or not.  Haven reserve the right to terminate a holiday without compensation, where the unreasonable behaviour of the persons named on the booking form or their guests might impair the enjoyment of other guests.
Arrival Times:  July and August and Peak dates (depending on time slots) – Kintyre View from 3pm, Ayr Bay View, Beach Grove from 3.35pm, Greenan Village, Carrick Village, Alloway Village, Arran View and Golf Village from 4pm .
Any problems must be reported immediately to us during your stay as this allows us resolve any problems immediately to ensure continued enjoyment of your holiday. Please telephone the numbers on confirmation letter 078 354 70796/075 114 81725/07799492308/ Please do not send texts or email.  Complaints/problems cannot be dealt with on departure day or after the holiday has taken place and will be rejected.  If the complaint regards any defects found in the caravan this must be taken up with the owner direct.  Any complaints will be passed to the owner.  We do not accept responsibility.
We are not held responsible for any defects found in the Holiday Home, any defects will be reported to the owner who will deal with this as quickly as possible. Occasionally call outs need to be dealt with by an engineer or plumber etc who will attend to this as soon as possible, this is out with our control.
To change Booking Details there will be a £30.00 charge (admin).  We will try and price match for caravan price only (price match does not include any extras – it is for caravan only).  In order to price match, we require caravan location, price match is for the day of booking only.

If caravan is providing patio cushions or rattan cushions, these cushions when not in use must be taken inside.  They should not be left outside.

Key is your responsibility; please make sure it is safe at all times as a replacement key will be charged at £20.00.  If new lock is required it is a £50.00 charge.

If Craig Tara is called to Caravan to change lock, payment will be deducted from deposit.

If human error is made with invoice we have the right to rectify this.

We hire weekly starting on a Friday or Monday unless the caravan page states Saturday bookings considered.  If you wish to start your holiday on a day other than Friday or Monday telephone 078 354 70796 or 077 897 87555.

The caravans are all Private owned and do not belong to the holiday park.  Please look after and respect the use of it and treat it as your own.
Lost Property.   If you leave property in the caravan after leaving, whilst we will endeavour to do everything within our remit to return the item, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Precautions must be taken when using Bath or Shower in caravans as they could be slippery.  When it is raining, decking’s can be slippery, please walk slow carefully..  Rugs in caravan are movable and care should be taken.  Rugs can be placed under beds if you feel you need to move them although on departure day they must be placed back in original spots. Electric Fires have been disconnected in caravans which have gas central heating..

We are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by any remedial work necessary in Craig Tara Holiday Park. Any power cuts – no gas, water, electricity is outwith our control, any complaints regarding this must be taken up with Craig Tara Holiday Park direct. Any change to facilities advertised or facilities being closed is not our responsibility and must be taken up with Craig Tara direct.

We are not responsible for any change in entertainment or venues or landscaping or any work Craig Tara carries out on Park.

If the caravan if found to be dirty on departure day, we Reserve the right to charge an extra cleaning fee of £40.00 which will be deducted from deposit.

Please smoke outside the caravan (not at doorway) and discard cigarette end with care. Please do not throw cigarette ends around caravan.
The area surrounding the caravan must be kept clean and tidy at all times. No parking on grass areas.

Due to unforeseen circumstances arising and we cannot give you the caravan you have chosen, we have the right to give you another caravan of the same grade.
In the event of cancellation or any other circumstances, the deposit of £100.00 is non refundable.

If you wish to change dates or any booking details on the form once the booking has been confirmed there will be a charge (fee of £30.00 administration charge will apply).

Holidays which have been transferred to other dates or have been cancelled etc must be taken again on the same year.  Holidays will not be transferred under any circumstances to the following  year under any circumstances.

We/Owner/ Craig Tara Holiday Park have the right to terminate the occupancy of the caravan where the Park conditions are not being complied with, or noise, nuisance, annoyance etc is being caused to others.  No refund will be made in such circumstances.  No deposit will be returned under these circumstances.

Light bulbs in caravans can blow at any given time like any light bulb at home, light bulbs will be replaced on the first opportunity we are on Park.

Under no circumstances are you permitted to leave unattended gas or electric Heaters when vacating the caravan.  This also applies to the Gas fire overnight whilst Sleeping.

No furnishings, cushions, stools etc to be taken outside the caravan.

Litter and refuse must be disposed of in the designated bin areas provided by the park.

Clothes are to be dried on the airer provided; at no time are they to be dried over heaters.

Clothes lines are not be erected. Please remove any dirty footwear when entering the caravan

If we have to cancel your booking for whatever reason, any money paid (deposit) will be refunded to you, under these circumstances no compensation will be paid for this.

We the owners will not be liable for any injury or death, loss of property, damage suffered by the hirer or any member of your party. Please arrange insurance cover prior to your holiday.
Should the situation arise that you wish to change your holiday booking date or any other amendment to your booking form or to add extra members an administration charge of £30.00 will be required.
We the owners reserve the right to cancel your confirmed booking at anytime, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control and refund all monies paid, in no event Shall any monies refunded exceed the money already paid by guest.

Parents are asked to see that children do not cause damage and will be responsible for any damage caused by their children.  Parents and other persons standing in their place are also Responsible for supervising the safety of their children at all times (e.g. by preventing Climbing etc).
Noise of all kinds (including music and singing) must always be kept at reasonable levels.

Parents are respectively asked to consider the adverse effect on neighbours from noise created by children running up and down inside.
No barbecues are allowed on the decking or near the caravan, due to gas pipes etc..  Please use the beach or playpark.
Funworks Passes are required to use Park facilities – swimming pool, show bars etc. Moderate extra charges apply to certain activities, please check at Reception or telephone Craig Tara Holiday Park direct, we are not Haven, we are private caravan hire.  Prices shown are for Caravan Hire only.  Use of facilities is not guaranteed.  The owners are not responsible for Provision, change or withdrawal of entertainment or facilities at the Park.  Haven own the caravan site, we do not take any responsibility for any of the facilities or any alterations to entertainment or venues/changes of the facilities listed or for any remedial work or changes to Park, Craig Tara carry out on Park. Venues may change on day.  During off peak season, facilities are scaled down. If a Funworks pass is lost or stolen it must be purchased again from the Park reception at the guests expense.  Craig Tara Holiday Park is a Haven Park and they are responsible for the facilities, park and entertainment.  Booking a caravan is not a Package holiday. To use facilities Funworks passes are required.  Price quoted is for the hire of caravan/holiday home stay only break.

Some facilities will be available only at limited times or in high season

No one may interfere with the fire fighting equipment except to use it in case of fire.

Dvds, freeview boxes/videos provided may not play certain discs, free view boxes may freeze at certain times (try switching off at mains and wait 1 minute before switching back on).  These are outwith our control and we may not be able to change them over if they are not working or have been damaged or part missing.  Play station games are not permitted to be played on the main TV in lounge, several caravans have spare TVs in bedroom which can be used for this purpose. TVs in bedrooms are for standby in case main TV in lounge breaks down.  If TVs in bedroom break down or are not working we will not be able to replace TV during your stay.

We Reserve the right to refuse entry or expel anyone who is behaving badly with no refund to you.

We reserve the right to enter the caravan at any time for whatever reason although we will do our best to avoid any unnecessary interruption to your holiday.

You are welcome to have guests visit, but guests are not allowed to park their cars over-night, by doing so we have the right to charge for extra person(s) in the caravan.

We reserve the right to change our details from those on our website or printed brochure At any time and we also reserve the right to refuse bookings where we have made a mistake in our advertised details or in our booking forms.

Holiday cancelled on arrival day, payment is non-refundable.

If holiday guest does not turn up on arrival day for arrival time stated or before 9pm on the same day we will take it as the booking has been cancelled, under these circumstances no deposit is returnable.

We have the right to cancel your holiday and return deposit payment if we feel you are unhappy regarding any of our terms and conditions.

Electrical circuits:
The caravan has a 16amp electrical supply & the installation allows for Diversity in that not all appliances are likely to be used at the same time.  The electric heaters within the units are limited to 400w (1.6amps) each, therefore you may need to limit the amount of heaters used if you are cooking and using kitchen appliances simultaneously

Please note that it is a condition of booking that you agree not to plug in additional heaters

Please ensure all booking details are correct.  Change of booking details £40.00

I agree that the card held by you may be charged in the event of damage to the room.

As this is recognised as an electrical safety issue.  You may be charged for reconnection if the overload trips due to unauthorised use of additional heaters

When you make a booking and pay for the holiday, payment is passed directly to the holiday home owner. Craigtaracaravans does not take any further part in any disputes. It becomes a private matter between you and the holiday home owner.  We cannot guarantee any aspect of a booking.

No warranties, promises and/or representations of any kind, express or implied are given as to the accuracy or completeness of any of the material or information contained on this website or as to the nature, standard, suitability or otherwise of any services offered by us or on our behalf and/or of any accommodation or services featured on this site. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, or other sum or claim of any nature (direct, indirect, consequential or other) which arises, directly or indirectly, in connection with this website including, for the avoidance of any doubt, and not by way of limitation, any use of any information or material contained in this website or any inability to access or use this website. These exclusions of liability apply only to the extent permitted by law.                    By booking a caravan/lodge, I agree that the card held by you may be charged in the event of damage to the caravan/lodge. Change of caravan 48 hours prior to holiday £50 charge.

The information on this website may contain inaccuracies and typographical and other errors. The information and/or prices are updated from time to time and therefore may at times be out of date. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of all such information and prices, unfortunately errors do occasionally occur. We have the right to rectify this and correct the price at any time.

We have the right to change any aspect of the site or its content, including availability, features, and prices, at any time. Wi-fi in the caravans is free.  We do not guarantee a signal at all times.